14 tips for your new handheld GPS

In case you received a brand new handheld GPS, I’m hoping the climate is nice ample for you to get out and play with it. Listed here are some pointers to support get you off on the right foot: Also check out the list of best handheld gps for fishing.

Play with it around city – be taught to set a way-point and navigate to it, and how to follow a track or route, before going off into the barren region with it. And in case you don’t understand what these words mean…
study the terminology – We’ve got a handheld GPS a hundred and one sequence just waiting for you.
Let it bake – not within the oven! Take it outside, turn it on and let it sit down immobile under open sky for half of an hour. It will completely download the satellite TV for PC almanac so when you want to make use of it over the next few days, it should lock onto satellites very fast.
Shield it – earlier than going out in the woods with it, get a screen protector. The funding is good valued at it.
Go green, shop inexperienced – Most handheld GPS receivers at the moment just aren’t optimized for alkaline batteries. Get yourself a excellent set of Eneloop rechargeable; hold a spare pair charged and also you’ll constantly be excellent to move.
Calibrate it – in case your unit has an digital compass, be taught to calibrate it. You should do this at any time when you convert batteries. And if it has a barometric altimeter and you’re an adventurous back-country explorer, discover a USGS benchmark and calibrate the altimeter too.
Backup your GPS – This one will take awhile however join it to your laptop and just replica the entire GPS drive over; you’ll continuously have a backup.
Get some free maps – should you received a Garmin, head on over to GPS File Depot for some exquisite free tops and path maps. They’ve received some best tutorials too. The best method to do that is to put them on a micro SD card; that method for those who run up against the rare incompatibility hindrance, all you’ll must do is pull the cardboard out.
Are trying geocaching – Many units comprise a free 30 day trial membership at geocaching.Com, permitting you to expertise the whole pleasure of paperless geocaching
Replace it – unlike auto GPS, handhelds ordinarily get new features with firmware updates. Listed here are some assets for updating your DeLorme, Garmin or Magellan unit.
Download some tracks – need to have the trail shown for your GPS? Download the monitor from one of the vital many. Gpx file sharing websites; my present favorite is Garmin connect.
Create an “if observed” splash screen – This tutorial is geared towards the Garmin Oregon, but it should work for close to any of the newer Garmin items.
Grab some Birdseye aerial imagery or tops – for those who obtained one of the extra up to date Garmin models, investigate out their Birds Eye aerial imagery and Birds Eye Toto US and Canada.
Don’t get misplaced – finally, that will be beautiful embarrassing. And feel me, there are a lot of ways to get misplaced with a GPS.


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