How to Choose a Pair of Softball Batting Gloves

At whatever point a softball player ventures to the plate for an at-bat, they need to reach the softball, swinging with most extreme power and control. Best batting gloves are really intended to help such execution by improving grasp and expertise, which can prompt to more prominent outcomes in the hitter’s crate.

Louisville Slugger Series 7 Batting Gloves

They can likewise convey a level of solace to your diversion, making you more casual and prepared to go up against the pitch. Realize what to search for in batting gloves so you can take your amusement to the following level.


Wearing batting gloves can help build the nature of the grasp on the bat and lessening the measure of sweat on a player’s hands. By keeping up a tight and controlled hold, players can build their outcomes at the plate.

Batting gloves will likewise give a level of insurance amid play. The gloves can decrease the sting and vibration felt amid a hit and can diminish the probability of creating rankles amid the season. You may likewise find that they can likewise be valuable while running the bases, as batting gloves can shield your hands from rubbing consumes amid a slide.


To locate the size that is best for you will rely on upon the length of your hand. To quantify the length, begin at the base of your palm and measure to the tip of your center finger on your overwhelming hand.

For instance, if your hand measures 6.5 inches, you would search for a little in men’s, medium in ladies’ or a XL in youth.

Batting gloves planned particularly for softball players are intended to better fit a lady’s hand.

You’re batting glove ought to be cozy, yet agreeable. Free gloves can prompt to slippage and tight gloves can affect development.


There are two particular materials utilized for the palms of batting gloves: calfskin and engineered. Both offer unmistakable advantages.

Calfskin batting gloves can offer a characteristic vibe and may give a superior grasp than their engineered partners. Interestingly, engineered batting gloves offer both solace and adaptability and can likewise be effortlessly cleaned.

“Calfskin gloves give a great vibe and are more rough,” Dicks Sporting Goods Associate Jack Heffron said. “A few people go to manufactured gloves for to a greater extent an extend or the vibe.”

A few producers make batting gloves with calfskin palms and manufactured fingers for the best of both universes.


There are various alternatives for batting gloves available with many offering particular components.

A few gloves offer a verbalized thumb, which can add to the portability of the glove. Pre-bended fingers will frame a characteristic bend and will decrease the measure of packed texture underneath your knuckles.

There are batting gloves composed particularly considering security. A few styles will have somewhat additional cushioning in the palm to assimilate vibration while others will have an exclusively shaped hand shield that fits into the back of the glove to shield from a pitch to the hands.


Settling on the wrist style of your gloves is additionally imperative. Velcro at the wrists takes into consideration a legitimate fit and can be balanced rapidly at the plate amid a player’s at-bat.

“A few gloves have a prominent wrist for to a greater extent a pressure feel,” Heffron said. “A few players tape their wrists so batting gloves attempt to catch that.”

Batting gloves that mimic having taped wrists will help a few players feel they have included support. “Others may go for a position of safety to make it unhindered for a full scope of movement,” Heffron said. “This gives the sentiment moving around like in the event that you are attempting to hit.”

In view of these components, you’ll have the capacity to discover a couple of gloves that fits your necessities and be prepared to make a beeline for the plate and swing for the wall.

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